North Park Residences

Rooms Type Total Size
Studio A1/A1H 40sqm/53sqm
1 Bedroom + Study AS1/AS1H 51sqm/73sqm
1 Bedroom + Study AS2/AS2H 52sqm/64sqm
2 Bedroom B1/B1H 58sqm/73sqm
2 Bedroom Deluxe B2/B2H 65sqm/81sqm
2 Bedroom Deluxe B2a/B2aH 65sqm/81sqm
2 Bedroom Deluxe B2b/B2bH 65sqm/81sqm
2 Bedroom Deluxe B2c/B2cH 70sqm/86sqm
2 Bedroom Deluxe B3/B3H 68sqm/85sqm
1 Bedroom + Studio B TR1/B TR1H 59sqm/71sqm
1 Bedroom + Studio B TR2/B TR2H 58sqm/73sqm
3 Bedroom C1/C1H 77sqm/95sqm
3 Bedroom C2/C2H 77sqm/95sqm
3 Bedroom C2a/C2aH 81sqm/99sqm
3 Bedroom C3/C3H 82sqm/100sqm
3 Bedroom + Universal Room C4a/C4aH 93sqm/114sqm
2 Bedroom + Studio C TR1/C TR1H 90sqm/105sqm
3 Bedroom + Universal Deluxe D1/D1H 102sqm/117sqm
3 Bedroom + Universal Deluxe D2/D2H 103sqm/118sqm
4 Bedroom Deluxe D3/D3H 110 sqm/138sqm
4 Bedroom Deluxe D4/D4H 112sqm/140sqm
5 Bedroom E1/E1H 133sqm/162sqm
Studio A1P 42sqm
1 Bedroom + Study AS1P 51sqm
1 Bedroom + Study AS2P 52sqm
2 Bedroom B1P 61sqm
2 Bedroom Deluxe B2P 68sqm
2 Bedroom Deluxe B2aP 68sqm
2 Bedroom Deluxe B2bP 68sqm
2 Bedroom Deluxe B2cP 72sqm
2 Bedroom Deluxe B3P 72sqm
1 Bedroom + Studio B TR1P 64sqm
1 Bedroom + Studio B TR2P 60sqm
3 Bedroom C1P 80sqm
3 Bedroom C2P 80sqm
3 Bedroom C2aP 87sqm
3 Bedroom C3P 86sqm
3 Bedroom + Universal Room C4P 98sqm
2 Bedroom + Studio C TR1P 95sqm
3 Bedroom + Universal Deluxe D1P 107sqm
3 Bedroom + Universal Deluxe D2P 108sqm
4 Bedroom Deluxe D3P 114sqm
4 Bedroom Deluxe D4P 116sqm
5 Bedroom E1P 138sqm

Property Category: Condo Estimated TOP: 2018
Property Name: North Park Residences Developer: Frasers Centrepoint Homes
Address: Yishun Central Tenure/Status: 99 years
District No.: 27 Plot Size.: 84,500sqm of retails & 330,018sqft for retail
No of Blocks: 12blks Of 10storey Facilities: Swimming pool Gardens Indoor gym Barbeque area Clubhouse Children area Jacuzzi Guardhouse Function room Tennis court Family pool Wading pool Hydro spa Parking lot
Total Units: 920

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