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Find a Business Space – Whether investing a commercial space or need space to set up your business. Leave it to us, we will find for you the best suitable location.

Need a Business Space. Find Us

Whether need space to set up your business, expansion or relocation.  Leave it to us, we will find for you the best suitable location

Commercial Investment – We have wide range of investments list from office space, shophouses, retail shop space and others

Commercial Investment

We have wide range of investments list from office space, shophouses, Hotel, retail shop space and others

Sell your Property Here – With our unique marketing strategies, we can effectively market your property and find a buyer in quick time

Sell Your Property Here

Need to sell off your Property at the right price, approach us. With our unique marketing strategies, we can effectively market your property and find a buyer, sell off at good price

Singapore Office Space For Sale List 

  1. Centrium Square – (Freehold)
  2. Crown @ Robinson – (Freehold)
  3. Peninsula Plaza – (999-yr Leasehold)
  4. Samsung Hub – (999-yr Leasehold)
  5. Suntec City
  6. The Central @ Clarke Quay
  7. Prudential Tower
  8. GB Building Singapore
  9. Parklane Shopping Mall

Singapore Shophouses For Sale List 

(Prime & Freehold Conservation Shophouses)

  1. 11 New Bridge Road
  2. Duxton Road Shophouse
  3. 42, 44 and 46 Smith Street
  4. 8, 10 and 12 Aliwal Street

Singapore Hotels For Sale List 

  1. Freehold Hotel Lavender Jalan Besar – (Freehold)
  2. Boutique Hotel Little India – (999-Leasehold)
  3. Hotel Marrison Singapore – (Freehold)

Why This is the Best Time to Invest in Singapore Commercial Property

Why This is the Best Time to Invest in Singapore Commercial Property

Real estate investments have dramatically changed in Singapore property sectors for the last 10 years.

Before the introduction of Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty  in 2011 (ABSD), commercial sector lacked the vibrancy and the heat we see today.

It was primarily driven by hot money flowing into the commercial sector.

Since 2011, commercial prices doubled, tripled and outpace any other property sectors in Singapore real estate market.

And surprisingly good rental yields were found in many commercial investment sales.   One which rocked the market was the sale of Asia Tower One where the gross rental yield was reportedly close to 4%.

Since then, many investment sales followed.

Many were surprised by the recent hike of ABSD on the 6 July 2018.   This has essentially fed the momentum in investment sales.

Coupled with low rental yields in the residential sector; Singapore government kept cautioning investors about 30,000 vacant condos are available for rent in the market today, the rental yield in the residential sector is not expected to recover anytime soon.

And this has made commercial properties a viable option as there is no ABSD, no seller’s stamp duty (SSD), and some of the commercial rental yields are looking attractive comparing with residential properties.

Foreign Investors Keep Coming and Buying

Foreign Investors Keep Coming and Buying

Singapore is among the Top Countries for Investment,

“Investors Favourite Destination”

Our rich Asian neighbours also play a part in feeding the heat in the commercial sector; with many millionaires borne in China daily and sky high prices of real estate in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, Singapore is the destination of these foreign savvy investors.  Naturally, commercial properties look like a better option for them as there is no ABSD.

Above all, we must thank Singapore government for its prudent policies all these years, making Singapore a world class economy, making Singapore a SMART nation, attracting Google, Facebook, Amazon and many others to our shores, creating plenty of jobs and hence, strengthening the Singapore Dollar versus the rest of the world.

Investing in Singapore makes good sense as it protects the value of the investments of these foreigners who suffered much with other countries where their currencies were unable to hold its value amidst trade wars and change in governments.

The investment game has changed; for those who do not explore commercial properties, their regret will show in the coming years.

ABSD is here to stay to protect Singapore citizens from paying sky high residential prices; commercial is a sector that investors can no longer ignore if they want to make some decent capital appreciation and rental returns in the years to come.

Investment Sales in Singapore Hit Record High

Investment Sales in Singapore Hit Record High

Impressively, even the introduction by the government of market cooling measures has not dampened investors’ appetite for Singapore’s real estate property.

Granted the forecast some months ago has dropped by S$6 billion to S$40 billion following the cooling measures introduced in July this year, but after tracking of every property transaction of S$5 million value and above in the quarter ending June 2018, it has found that the value of this year’s property sales transactions is very likely to match the impressive record of last year.

The confidence in the country’s property market growth lies in the fact that there was a boom in property sales from January to June 2018.

Moreover, in the second quarter, investments in real estate grew by 19% to S$12.2 billion compared to the same period last year, with the lead being the residential sector whose sales comprised 67% of Singapore’s entire property investment sales.

In actual fact, sales of residential properties in the second quarter rose by almost 61% to total S$8.2 billion, compared to last year’s second quarter, which drove overall half-year sales of residential properties to S$17.3 billion, which, as Colliers says, is an unprecedented high.

On the overall, the investment sales for the second quarter totalled S$1.4 billion, which were almost three times the investment sales of the first quarter of the year.

Among the most impressive sales deals of the second quarter of 2018 were 16 transactions that involved collective sales of residential properties, whose revenues totalled S$3.9 billion.

In total, the second half of 2018 saw 33 transactions of residential properties succeed, resulting to revenues of S$9.7 billion.

Indicators of a Vibrant 2nd Half of 2018 in the Commercial Property Market

Twenty Anson SOLD for S$516 million in 2018

Twenty Anson Was Sold for S$516 million

So Far is the Highest Commercial Sale in 2018

Although the year’s first quarter did not have much activity involving commercial properties, the sector picked up during the second quarter and had significant transactions such as the one involving Twenty Anson that raked in S$516 million, the one of Sembawang Shopping Centre that fetched S$248 million and that of MYP Plaza whose yield was S$247 million.

Twenty Anson is a 20-storey building used for offices within the Tanjong Pagar area, and its sale is the biggest for the year among the sales of pure office buildings.

What is even more impressive is the fact that the property price was higher than the asset valuation by a whopping 19.2%, the valuation having been put at S$433 million just a few months before.

This healthy second quarter has also seen rental income for prime offices recover and this has, in turn given confidence to developers looking to invest in prime office buildings.

Also need to notes that available office space may be depleted in the coming three years, and hence there will be need for more investment in properties for office rental.

The price of Twenty Anson per square foot worked to an impressive S$2,503 for the building’s lettable space of around 206,000 square feet.

It is also worth noting that by March 2018 the building had reached 94.3% tenant occupancy, with prestigious entities like Toyota Motor Asia-Pacific being among its tenants.

Other tenants of great repute occupying Twenty Anson include BlackRock Advisors Singapore as well as BCD Travel Asia-Pacific.

Demand for office space is not actually a new development, only that the market appears to be enjoying a surge.

In 2017, for example, CAPITALAND Commercial Trust, otherwise referred to as CCT, purchased some office space in addition to retail space within Asia Square Tower 2 at a price of S$2.1 billion and the year before the firm had invested an additional S$393 million to fully own CapitaGreen, a commercial property in which the company had 40% shareholding.

At the same time, CCT also offloaded into the market its half stake the company had in One George Street at an enviable sum of S$592 million just as it released Wilkie Edge at a price of S$280 million.

In May 2018, the same company became the majority shareholder in the prime office building of Galileo, by paying S$565.7 million and acquiring 94.9% stake in the skyscraper in Frankfurt district.

This impressive property trend is likely to continue in the second half of 2018, particularly involving commercial as well as industrial properties.

Already there are a number of deals underway involving commercial properties, and increasing interest in real estate investment trusts, otherwise referred to as REITS. There is also indication of institutional investors showing interest in industrial properties.

Office Rent Keeps Rising and Catalyzes a Hike in Prices of Office Space and Strata Office Developments
Office Rent Keep Rising for Straight 9 months, Strata Office Space Draw Huge Interests from Investors

Incidentally, there has also been significant demand for mixed use properties in Singapore with sales shooting to S$1.5 billion within the second quarter of the year, which is practically a 30.2% rise.

The properties involved were mainly investments meant for both commercial and residential use, such as Chinatown Plaza that was bought at S$260 million, and another property along Holland Road that was scooped at S$1.2 billion.

Shophouses are becoming popular investment assets among individuals with high purchasing power, investment companies, and property funds as well.

There are even families who are ready to utilize their pool of resources to acquire what they view as assets with great potential.

This market trend is a result of the additional cooling measures introduced in the residential property sector with effect from 6th July, 2018. It is easy to compare the positive demand that has been seen in the last half of 2018 to prior years when demand was more on residential properties.

Of course, in terms of volume sales of strata office assets are still lower than in 2012, but that historic boom occurred before the introduction of Total Debt Servicing Ratio or TDSR rules. Nevertheless, sales in this category of developments are gradually resuming the rise that began in 2015, after the drop that the TDSR caused beginning 2013.

In 2012, the market saw an all-time high of strata titled office sales, with recorded revenues of new buildings plus re-sales of old developments reaching S$2.29 billion.

This figure is almost triple the amount of revenues office developments fetched in 2017, which was just S$760 million.

Post TDSR, fewer consumers were able to access the credit previous buyers of office strata utilized. Besides, the heavy supply of such properties in the pre-TDSR period had caused a drop in rental income and made investing in office space somewhat unattractive.

That trend has gradually changed, and now there seems to be fewer investors in that sector than willing buyers; making investment in office-strata developments worthwhile.

While the ratio of supply to demand was estimated to be 30:70 pre-TDSR, the ratio could be seen changing post-TDSR soon getting to 70:30, status quo that is only now being shaken by the introduction of new cooling measures in the residential investment sector.

In any case, potential buyers of office strata units recognize the benefits that come with owning such space as opposed to renting, especially considering the volatility of rental costs.

Families as well as general investors are comfortable knowing their business revenues will not be drastically slashed by massive rental costs, and one way of ensuring they are well cushioned is to buy their own strata office units.

Developers have high hopes there will be sufficient demand for strata office units not only from local investors but also foreign ones especially from Malaysia and Hong Kong as well as China and Indonesia, who appreciate the need to hedge against fluctuating rental prices.

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