Nightspots at Clarke Quay Get Extended Hour to Sell Alcohol till 4AM on all Fridays

Nightspots at Clarke Quay Get Extended Hour to Sell Alcohol till 4AM on all Fridays

There is some good news for night owls in Singapore visiting Clarke Quay as they would be able to enjoy alcohol for an extended hour till 4 AM.

All the popular nightspots in the area including The Pump Room, Attica and Zouk have been allowed an extended hour of operation instead of twice on Fridays every month currently.

This is a part of police’s trial extension in liquor licensing hours. Nightclubs in Clarke Quay had requested for review citing loss of business due to restrictions on sale of alcohol.

It is important to note here that Management of several nightclubs in Clarke Quay had requested for extension in the month of June.

The new trial period would start from Friday, 10th of August and shall run till 30th September. However, this extension would apply to selected bars and nightclubs.

In an official statement the Police said that nightclubs that had applied for extended licensing and haven’t breached other legal conditions during last quarter have been granted this extension.

These include The Pump Room, Get Juiced, Zouk along with its bar Capital, Attica, Phuture and Red Tail, Highlander, Le Noir and F.Club.

The extended operating hours would come with the condition where management and tenants of Clarke Quay have agreed to beef up their security measures which include installation of additional CCTV security systems.

During this trial period the Police would keep close vigil on law and order in this area and based on their review of the situation will take make adjustments with respect to licensing hours.

The existing regulations came into effect in 2013 which mandated clubs and bars in Clarke Quay to stop selling liquor till 6AM on the next day.

Furthermore, they had to stop sale at 3AM during Sundays and other weekdays and were allowed to sell till 4AM of next day on Saturdays and also on the public holiday eves.

These restrictions were introduced to check increasing number of crimes that were taking place in Clarke Quay.

According to the police there has been sharp fall in such incidents in the last 3 years after the rules came into effect.

It must be mentioned that the curbs were already relaxes during the previous two years as clubs and bars were allowed to operate until 4AM of the following morning on two Fridays every month and also on other special days such as during Formula 1 events.

Clarke Quay Business Down

Business Still Down, Not as Good as Before

According to the nightclubs despite the previous relaxations their businesses were still down due to short liquor hours.

They stated that while bars and clubs have business from evening nightclubs only their spaces filling up from midnight and the small window of sale was leading them to losses. In the month of July Police has come up with a statement that they were reviewing the curb on licensing hours in the area.

Andrew Li, Chief Executive at Zouk Group said that the clubs shall remain open up to 5AM on days after Friday during this trial period where they would be selling soft drinks and water after the liquor ban sets in at 4AM.

According to him the trial extension is a welcome move and they would work closely with authorities and also work on extra security measures to provide safety to their guests as well as other attendees

Ms Kelly Brimblecombe who is the co-owner at Attica and Le Noir said that not having the same licensing hours for all Fridays only resulted in confusion in the minds of guests and they would keep both their outlets open till 5AM in their bid to help inebriated guests and also increase sales of snacks and soft drinks.

She dismissed any fears of incidents and said that extension till 5AM will only have reduce the number of inebriated exists.

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