Genting Outdoor Theme Park Almost Complete - Set for Opening in Q3 2020

Genting Highlands Outdoor Theme Park Set for Opening in 2020

“Genting SkyWorlds” Ready in 2021 

Genting Highlands Latest News and Update:

Due to The Impact of Covid-19, the Opening of Genting Outdoor theme Park Will be Delay Again.

The Opening Date Will be Push Forward to 2nd Quarter of 2021 and Ticket Price Will be Reveal Too.

Malaysia Also Announced that they extends the “Covid-19 Movement Curbs” to Dec 31 2020

Therefore No tourists are Permit to Enter the Country

The Genting Outdoor Theme Park has been Renamed to

“Genting SkyWorlds”

Outdoor Theme Park Rides Attractions

OTP Offers 25 Thrill Rides and

Other Exciting Attractions

Genting Outdoor Theme Park Expected to Be Open Before June Holiday in 2020

Many Expected to Be Open

Before June Holiday in 2020

Genting Outdoor Theme Park 7 Years of Waiting

With thousands of people waited anxiously each year for the Genting Outdoor Theme Park opening,

Genting Malaysia BHD has decided to make their latest announcement.

The long-awaited Outdoor Theme Park is near completion, it is expected to be open by Q3 2020.

The opening of Genting Outdoor Theme Park (OTP) will be the latest attractions of Genting Highlands.

The aim is to woo more tourists and bring in more revenue with millions more visitors expected each year.

Genting Outdoor Theme Park Ticket Price “Not Reveal Yet”

As per several media reports and analysts, Genting hasn’t yet confirmed their ticket pricing scheme for the outdoor theme park.

However, the management of the park, Genting Malaysia said that several categories of tickets will be made available to the public. They said that the categories will be like VIP tour tickets and passes, priority tickets, annual tickets and daily tickets.

Genting Malaysia is likely to opt for a dynamic pricing policy meaning that ticket prices will be different for different days and different times.

According to the market study done by some analysts, the pricing for the new theme park is likely to be similar to that of other theme parks like Universal Studios Singapore.

Though no official prices have been released, the analysts are expecting a day pass to be around S$79 or Malaysian Ringgit 242.

Genting Malaysia OTP Might Open Earlier

The management of Genting Malaysia are said to be moving in a fast pace to complete the project and open the theme park to the public at the earliest.

Most analysts have also confirmed that the outdoor theme park will open by the third quarter of 2020 and work that had stopped the previous year has restarted again.

They also added that looking at the pace of work now and the additional staff hiring done by the Genting Management, it will not be surprising if the theme park opens earlier than expected.

The Genting Malaysia OTP is spread over 26 acre and is expected to hire over 1000 workers. The theme park will have 25 rides. As per reports now, when the theme park opens in 2020, at least 20 rides will be operational.

The OTP will also have a new name after a lot of fuss that happened previously regarding the licensing with regards to 20th Century Fox.

Though the name of the park will now be different, 20 rides inside will be connected to 20th Century Fox.

As the theme park is expected to have over 10,000 footfall every day, there will be at least 7 restaurants run by popular franchises and 11 food kiosks.

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the latest theme park to open.

Genting Highlands and Fox/Disney Disputes & Lawsuit

While a weak currency was purported to be the cause, the project missed the deadline in 2016.

Meanwhile, the initial negotiations of the acquisition of Fox by Disney started as early as end 2017.

When Genting Group sensed Fox’ intention to cancel the 2013 contract at Disney’s behest, it filed a $1.75 billion lawsuit against Fox and Disney in November 2018.

The location of the OTP near a casino – against its ‘family friendly’ image and no control over the operations were believed to be reasons for Disney’s indifference to the project.

Fox, in turn, filed a $46 million countersuit in January 2019 blaming Genting Group of missing key deadlines, violating contractual obligations, discrepancies in construction etc. due to the impulsive decisions of Chairman Lim Kok Thay.

However, both of them settled the lawsuits amicably in July 2019.

Genting and Fox/Disney Disputes & Lawsuit

Revised OTP Plan 2019

As Fox has issued license for some of its intellectual properties, about 20 of the attractions would be still fox-based themes while the rest non-fox themes.

Further, the earlier accepted ‘20th Century Fox World’ name has been abandoned and decided to be rebranded.

However, like all delayed projects, the Genting OTP likely suffers from cost overruns.

While capex to date has been reported to be RM$3 Billion, it is expected to incur more expenditure that is still to be estimated.

Fortunately, the enormous OTP has been reported to be largely complete to an extent of about 95% according to Maybank sources.

Mass Recruitment has Started

In Order for the Theme Park to Function Properly, about 1,100-Workforce is Needed

Genting Outdoor Theme Park Mass Recruitment has Started

With the Outdoor Theme Park is near completion, Genting Highlands has started their Mass Recruitment campaign.

Currently, 40% recruitment of the 1,100-workforce required to operate the OTP has already been completed and progressing aggressively.

They aim to get the numbers before their opening date.

Genting Highlands Skytropolis Funland Indoor Theme park

Genting Highlands Skytropolis Funland Indoor Theme Park

The rejigging of the indoor theme park at RWG – the Skytropolis Funland by far had been quicker within one and a half years from mid 2017 to end  2018, and economical about RM 300 million.

Spread across 400,000 million sq ft in four floors, wearing a festive and fun look all the time with seven different food kiosks, it entertains 7,000 visitors between 10 am and 10 pm everyday.

About 15 choice rides from the former OTP have been enhanced bigger and better to include in Skytropolis like the ‘Superman’ Roller Coaster into the upgraded ‘Super Glider.’

There are also seven brand new cutting-edge rides to be experienced for the first time.

Genting Highlands Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park Attraction

The needs of visitors belonging to all ages, temperaments and moods have been taken care through  low-thrill rides for children from Jumping Spurs to Loop De Loop, and medium-thrill family-centered experiences from Skyscraper to Balloon Race, while high-thrill seekers are left with experiences like Music Express, Bumper Boss, Sky Tower, Disco, Spin Crazy, Power Surge etc.

The circus themed BigTop Video Games Park indoors offers about 150 carnival style  game kiosks, the Eagle Landing Zipline allows a 200-metres quick fly from the fourth to the first floor for adrenaline junkies and the ‘glow in the dark’ themed Snow Bowl, the 20-lane bowling alley provides fun competitions for friends and family members.

The Void that entertains in New York’s Madame Tussauds and Anaheim’s Downtown Disney with fun VR experiences opened its first Asian centre at Skytropolis with themes like Star Wars – Secrets of the Empire, Ralph Breaks VR, Ghostbusters: Dimension, Avengers: Damage Control and Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment.

More attractions indoors include the SnowWorld – an European themed winter village with Toboggan rides, Ripley’s Adventureland – a collection of unbelievable oddities, Jurassic Research Centre – to explore the prehistoric creatures, Zombie Outbreak – literally a ‘run for life’ experience from the undead, Train to Busan – another award-winning zombie experience etc.

The latest of all, however, is the Imaginatricks, a spectacular live entertainment,  with a blend of sound and light, dance and acrobatics along with hilarious comedy by global champion performers.

Skytropolis Funland Boo Boo Bump

Boo Boo Bump. Children Favorite’s, Where they Enjoy the Most

Skytropolis Funland Balloon Race

Balloon Race, One of the Exciting Rides. This One Spin Very Fast, Up to the Air and Down

Skytropolis Funland Spin Crazy

Spin Crazy. Probably Everyone’s Favourite. It Will Spin Up Round & Round. This Ride is for Those Who Loves to Get Dizzy…

Resorts World Genting Top Tourists Destination

Why Genting Highlands is Still Popular Among the Tourists Over The Years

Genting Highlands Malaysia is still one of the top tourist’s destination in the world, every year the place is visited by millions of people.

The Hotspot is full of entertainment, attractions and fun exciting activities. Each Year new attractions are added.

The integrated hill resort development is famous for its casino, with mega shopping malls, theme parks and luxury hotel.

The only casino of the country operates at RWG with great social responsibility to ensure that gambling stops with entertainment and doesn’t make compulsive gamblers.

The great ambience, varieties and facilities attracts both local and international guests including VVIPs.

Within an hour and a half drive from Kuala Lumpur, the RWG amidst a pleasant climate between 15 to 24 deg Celsius year-round, has served as a quick and cheap getaway for celebrations with family and friends, for festivals and holidays or for any reason to escape from the routine and chill out at the peak.

The opening of the OTP at RWG that could accommodate another 10,000 visitors per day would easily add more fun to the atmosphere.

The world is now waiting to experience the film-based thrills in 2020.

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